Key Information


Please contact the school office in the first instance if you would like to get in touch with a member of staff: or phone 01379 853211

Office Team

  • Miss M James, Receptionist
  • Mrs S Duerden, Administration
  • Miss E Golby, Administration
  • Mrs R Rickard, Administration

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs J Price – Head of School
  • Mrs L Botwright – Assistant Head – ATS SENCo
  • Mrs S Street – Assistant Head

Teaching Staff

  • Nursery – Mrs E Spittle
  • Reception – Mrs B Beaumont (Early Years Lead) & Miss E Ingram
  • Year 1/2 – Miss V Scofield, Miss A Oslavio, Mrs E Pritchard & Mrs L Tooke
  • Year 3 – Mrs M Stead & Mrs Glennon
  • Year 4 – Mrs N Spurgeon & Mr T Kirton
  • Year 5 – Miss F Goddard, Mrs S Street & Mrs S Moore
  • Year 6 – Mr J Brooks & Mrs S Hunter
  • Music – Mrs Ablett
  • SEND – Mrs K Kinsella
  • Mrs East


  • Pastoral Support – Mr J Mullen

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs D Baugh
  • Mrs E Brand
  • Mrs E Brown
  • Mrs E Brooks
  • Mrs V Denney
  • Miss A Etteridge
  • Mrs R Gower
  • Miss S Gray
  • Mrs K Green
  • Mrs S Kubala
  • Miss K Ling
  • Mrs M Davey-Smith
  • Mrs T Smith
  • Miss A Snowling
  • Miss R Lugo
  • Mrs C Ling
  • Mrs A Moss
  • Mrs L Carter
  • Mrs G Patnell

Midday Supervisors

  • Miss S Bullingham
  • Mrs S Farmer
  • Miss K Green
  • Mrs R Hamling
  • Mrs M Khanom
  • Mrs K Longford
  • Mrs L Hilton

Premises Staff

  • Mr H Allman
  • Mr T Cross
  • Mr J Graham
  • Miss G Binns
  • Mrs C Bullen
  • Mrs D Bye
  • Mrs S Wilkinson

Aspens Kitchen Team

  • Miss M Johnson
  • Mrs A Roberts
  • Mrs D Bye
  • Miss H Nobbs

I feel valued as a member of staff. I like the fact the school has a clear vision, a vision that I feel a part of.

Current member of teaching staff


Every single person who works at the school contributes to who I am. It truly is a special place where we are all one big family.

Current Y11 student


The Harleston Sancroft Academy has evolved to where it is now with dignity, strength and kindness.

Current parent of Y10 student