Pastoral Structure

Student Support

Pastoral Support is an integral part of the Harleston Sancroft Academy. In the Primary Phase, we have a strong structure in place.

Mrs Street- Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

The Assistant Headteacher oversees the pastoral support in the Primary Phase. Responsibilities include:

  • To track, monitor and report on behaviour and provide data for SLT and Governors 
  • To coordinate the effective implementation of Harleston Sancroft Academy Behaviour Policy 
  • To work directly to monitor and improve pupil engagement and involvement in lessons 
  • To liaise with parents/carers on behavioural issues in conjunction with relevant staff. 
  • To provide behavioural support and training to staff through CPD 
  • To attend risk assessment and review meetings for vulnerable learners 
  • To safeguard and promote the general wellbeing and health of individual pupils and of any class or groups of pupils

The Primary Phase has full time Pastoral Support, Mr Mullen, who works to support all pupils and families who have a concern or problem that requires some support.  The role includes:

  • Contributing to improve attendance by working alongside the office support team.
  • Liaising with parents and arranging and chairing meetings when necessary.
  • Attending and leading Family Support meetings and Child Protection meetings as required by the Head of School or Headteacher
  • Working closely with parents and carers enabling them to take part in, and support, their child’s learning.
  • Communicating with parents on matters like uniform and minor instances of misconduct

The Primary Phase also has an SEND teacher who has expertise and knowledge around mental health, wellbeing and behaviour. 


I feel valued as a member of staff. I like the fact the school has a clear vision, a vision that I feel a part of.

Current member of teaching staff


Every single person who works at the school contributes to who I am. It truly is a special place where we are all one big family.

Current Y11 student


The Harleston Sancroft Academy has evolved to where it is now with dignity, strength and kindness.

Current parent of Y10 student