Religious Studies

Religious Education is provided in accordance with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus, supported by the Norwich Diocesan Board of Education.  A copy of the syllabus is available at the school on request.  Parents wishing to withdraw their children from Religious Education are invited to discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

To see a copy of the 2019 RE Statement of Entitlement for Church of England Schools click below

Curriculum intent

Our Curriculum aims to enable young people to hold balanced and informed conversations about religions and beliefs. Our curriculum aims to motivate and involve students in world issues both globally and locally and to know and evaluate the responses of different world views and religions to these issues. We want to enrich our students understanding of the world and of belief through a diverse and broad range of topics and through the study of the views and main beliefs of all major world religions and atheist or humanist perspectives. Our curriculum encourages our students to understand how their lives are connected to others and are shaped by the historical and contemporary influence of different religious and world views.

Year 7 schemes of learning 

Year 8 schemes of learning

Year 9 schemes of learning 

Key Stage 4 schemes of learning 


I feel valued as a member of staff. I like the fact the school has a clear vision, a vision that I feel a part of.

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Every single person who works at the school contributes to who I am. It truly is a special place where we are all one big family.

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The Harleston Sancroft Academy has evolved to where it is now with dignity, strength and kindness.

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