Pastoral Structure


Welcome to Sancroft House, where our motto is – Be Kind Work Hard Have Fun. We feel this encapsulates what it is to be a Sancroft student. Care and consideration for all members of our school community, trying our hardest to succeed in everything we do and enjoying our time at school to the full.

William Sancroft was the Archbishop of Canterbury when he established a school in this area in 1688 by providing funds to enable a clergyman to teach in Harleston. Although the school in its current form has only been around since the sixties. Sancroft’s benevolence and belief in the importance of education is the cornerstone of our core beliefs today.

Each student is different, and all our youngsters are valued and appreciated for what they bring to school life. They are encouraged to participate enthusiastically in lessons, extracurricular activities and student leadership responsibilities. We want Sancroft students to be the best they can be and enjoy their time at school to the full.

Our house charity this year is Lumos, a charity that strives to ensure that children all over the world, grow up in loving, nurturing, protective families and not in orphanages

Sancroft House has a dedicated team of student leaders who act as a link between the students and staff, perform student leadership responsibilities and model excellent attitudes and engagement across the school.

Head of House Mr T Millett/Miss E Barnes
Form Tutor S1 Mrs Skinner
S2 Mrs Leeder
S3 Mr J Gibbins
S4 Mr L Martin

I feel valued as a member of staff. I like the fact the school has a clear vision, a vision that I feel a part of.

Current member of teaching staff


Every single person who works at the school contributes to who I am. It truly is a special place where we are all one big family.

Current Y11 student


The Harleston Sancroft Academy has evolved to where it is now with dignity, strength and kindness.

Current parent of Y10 student